As a standard or custom sizes according to customer requirements filtration unit . Suitable for standard and customized ceiling keel . For different size filters and the keel . Suitable for installation on the installation or under two different installation methods. For different air flow and pressure loss . Use external rotor fan system . For different control systems. FFU that operate process control, monitoring , visualization is possible. Make the process FFU operating with a high degree of dependence
Monitoring: we had completed the development of a comprehensive monitoring system is suitable for all levels of ventilation systems , clean room and airflow requirements.
Negative pressure ventilation : Design for the inner loop of negative pressure ventilation , if any leaks , air will flow sandwich instead of a clean room .
Flexibility : According to the needs of the plant changes , FFU can be replaced together with the lights or blind . Low levels of plant can clean by adding more FFU and simple upgrade.
Maintenance is simple : Top removable fan assembly , easy to maintain or upgrade the performance of FFU .
Reduce operating costs : FFU for single use low-energy fans and all the FFU ( by controlling or monitoring software ) completely controlled , making the need how much energy use , there is no waste .